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 6/22/2015 Karen W. (Blog Post)

12/8/2014 J. D.

I've been to ____ and Massage twice, mainly as part of my rehabilitation for a recent back injury, which to give context, was a tear my lumbar erector as a result of competitive weight-lifting.  David has provided a knowledgeable and productive deep-tissue massage each time that I feel has been directly beneficial to regaining mobility and alleviating pain.  Even after the first session, you can tell that he is merely not there to provide a massage service, but also offers helpful advice when/if you describe a particular condition and is observant of potential imbalances which he tries to target.  Having that level of observation and targeted therapy I think is the best type of treatment an athlete, active individual, or any individual seeking physiological improvement could ask for.  He is very professional and represents his company well- I will definitely continue to go to him at ____ in the following months of rehabilitation.

 11/29/2014 Tom N.

I have been working with ____ and David for a year and a half.  A recovering marathoner with a number of chronic injuries, I've been working with David regularly for over a year - he has the skills and knowledge of the best massage therapists I've worked with around the country.  If you are a serious athlete and want the best massage therapy available, this is your place.

 10/23/2014 Kabir S.

Excellent therapeutic massage. David Vargas is awesome and knows exactly how to iron out all your knots and relieve tightness.

9/7/2014 Jennifer W.

I don't want to get anyone's hopes up,but this place might actually be magic.  I'm training for the NY Marathon and have been experiencing debilitating knee pain due to IT band issues and runners knee.  I was seriously at the point of not being able to run more than a mile.  After physical therapy, multiple braces, and time off I finally decided to try a sports massage.  I had two appointments, one with David and one with ____.  This weekend I ran a half marathon with no knee pain!  It was amazing.  I've never actually left a review before and had to sign up for Yelp just to post this, that's how awesome this place is!

 7/22/2014 Nicole S.

Had a massage with David today and he was AMAZING! Even mid-way though my session, I could already feel my shin splints going away. He gave me some very helpful advice on how to keep my issues from returning ... just can't say enough great things about my visit today! HIGHLY recommend this place!

 7/1/2014 Jenn P.

I've been a client of ____ for several years now.  Nothing but good things to say.  90% of the time I see ____ but I've also seen David and a few other therapists.  As a runner, massage is an important part of my regimen and I attribute staying injury-free (thus far:)) to their expert treatments.  The office is conveniently located and the treatment rooms are spacious and comfortable.

 6/24/2014 Marc F.

I have had a second massage at ____. ____ was unavailable at my preferred time and I scheduled an appointment with David. Similarly to ____, David listened carefully, understood my complaint and addressed the issue with great skill. It is a luxury to be able to schedule future appointments with not one but two excellent masseuses.

 6/22/2014 Amy O.

I received a massage from David of the very highest quality for resolution of shoulder pain. Prior to seeing David I was seen by 3 therapists in other treatment centers with little-to-no improvement in my condition. David, on the other hand, took his time to assess my condition before starting treatment. He talked to me about my injury as he inspected my posture, and assessed points of pain. I felt better nearly immediately. He also gave me several stretches to continue treatment at home. I highly recommend him.

 4/11/2014 Trish F.

Best massage ever.  David is AMAZING!  I'm from Australia & went in feeling busted up with a week to Boston marathon & walked out feeling so much better.  Really rate this place, they are A1.  Only wish David would move to Australia as he is definitely best therapist I've ever had.

 3/7/2014 Jesus G.

Best massage ever!  David did an amazing job on my sprained ankle and tennis elbow, AND gave me the best neck massage I've ever experienced.

These guys KNOW what they're doing and it was a really great experience.
I'm well on my way to a full recovery of my problem areas.
Thanks ____ team! :)

 1/3/2014 Lauren C.

I've been a runner for 14 years at a very competitive level.  I recently starting having issues in my piriformis and hamstring areas.  I tried all the home therapy that I knew and had been recommended to me over the years.  Finally the pain became so unbearable I decided a massage may be required.

On a recommendation from 2 friends I run with, I booked an appointment here with David.  It was AMAZING!!  David listened to the problem that had brought me there and we discussed past injuries.  He knew immediately what was causing my problem and worked to alleviate it at the source.  I'll admit it was not a comfortable experience but I knew the pain would all be worth it.  When I stood up from that table, I could feel that my pain had ceased.

 11/17/2013 Lauren M.

Dave gave me the best massage. I have a herniated disc in my lower back and have been in a lot of discomfort. He made such a difference, it was amazing. I never knew my hip flexors had so much of the tension causing my pain. If I could afford it I would go back every week! I will definitely be back soon.

 9/22/2013 Linda V.

It's nice to find a massage practice that focuses solely on sports massage. I have chronic tight hips and hamstrings from running and decided to try out ____ via LifeBooker. David was great at getting the knots out and was knowledgeable on why I was experiencing certain tightness in my lower back and glutes. I left feeling very loose and relaxed. Highly recommend!

 9/7/2013 Hassan S.

This is the first review I've written about anything, period. David, the manager of ____ best massage I ever had in my life. Not only was he able to tell me exactly what my problem was but he was able to fix it in one session. I'm going in again next week. The best

8/17/2013 Zwei I.

I had a massage with David recently. Although I was late, he still accomodated me and gave me an awesome massage. He found problem spots that I have had issues with since I'm an avid lifter and worked out those kinks. He's also super fun to talk to! :) Bode is definetly a gem, I'm going to try to go every month to relax and get the much needed relief from cardio/weights.

5/6/2013  Robert S.

I first started seeing a chiropractor a few years ago in California to deal with a subluxation arising from my work.  After the initial intensive treatment phase, everything was fine again and so I just kept going once a month for regular adjustments. When I moved to NYC a couple of years ago, I needed a new chiropractor to continue my monthly adjustments.  After trying a couple of different guys, I found Dr. Sho (as his patients and staff call him).  In addition to being close to my home, he's on-point because he really knows what he's doing.  For example, when I developed problems in my left hip flexors arising from my 4-5x per week yoga practice, I went to a variety of places to deal with it.  Dr. Sho, suggested I start seeing his massage therapist, David, whom I also HIGHLY recommend!.  After going to David twice a week for 2 months, the pain in my hip was gone and hasn't been back since.